I’m Nuts 4 Doritos

This is a commercial I made for the Doritos Crash the super Bowl Contest. It stars a very hungry squirrel from Playa Del Rey and his Doritos chip!

Fred the Psychic Bunny & Easter PSA

Fred explains why chocolate bunnies are the only bunnies to purchase during Easter.

Fred the Psychic Bunny & 2012 Hoppy New Year !

Yes, it is 2012 the year every has been talking about. See what new psychic magical visions Fred has for this very special year!

Fred the Psychic Bunny & The New Dance Craze

Fred introduces a new dance called “The Politician”. Check out Alfie’s chillin moves.

Fred the Psychic Bunny & Secret Agent Bun

Who is this mysterious rabbit who also doubles as a secret agent? Check out Fred’s new spy thriller trailer.

Fred the Psychic Bunny & The Tango

Fred introduces The New Tango, performed by Hans the squirrel.

Fred the Psychic Bunny and the Weather

Hans a hot headed squirrel has a qustion for Fred regarding the weather. Has the world gone nuts?