The Look of Love with Fred the Psychic Bunny

“The Look of Love” sung by the incomparable Dusty Springfield. Music composed by Burt Bacharach. Lyrics by Hal David.

Starring Fred, Monkey, Jackson Pollock, Amanda Wagner, Alice and the rescue bunnies from the LA Rabbit Foundation.


BUNNY FEVER with Fred the Psychic Bunny

Introducing 2 of my gorgeous girlfriends. A big thanks to Amanda Wagner and her sweet rendition of Peggy Lee’s “Fever”.

Me & My Arrow with Fred the Psychic Bunny

Carmel is a cute baby bunny who has one straight ear & one lop ear! Music by Harry Nilsson!

Super Bowl Sunday 2013 Winner predicted by Fred the Psychic Bunny

Fred predicts the winner of the 2013 Super Bowl Sunday!

Hoppy Holidays with Fred the Psychic Bunny

Love is the glue of the Universe. So spread it…… luv, Fred

Get Your Bink On Party

Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation invites you to their annual rabbit party. Everybunny is invited!

Thanksgiving with Fred the Psychic Bunny

Count your blesssings with Fred for Thanksgiving!

Fred the Psychic Bunny predicts the 2012 President of the United States

Fred predicts the new president of the United States.

Fred the Psychic Bunny & Bunny Monster

Join Fred this Halloween with monsters, witches and of course bunnies!

Fred the Psychic Bunny & Menage A Trois

Fred not only correctly predicts the Super Bowl Winner but he also encounters those cute triplets !